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Stock Footage

Listed time represents raw footage.
  1. American Life-All aspects of American economic, cultural, and community life. - 20 hours
  2. American Wars
      Revolutionary War - Reenactment footage - 2 hours
      War of 1812 - Reenactment footage - 2 hours
       Civil War - Reenactment footage - 1.5 hours
       Mexican/American War - Reenactment footage - 1/2 hour
    • Anasazi -Cliff Dwellings, - Ruins and Scenics from Mesa Verde, Colorado. - 1.5 hours
    • Baja-Baja Peninsula and Sea of Cortez. Whale watching, petting gray whales, viewing blue whales, and dwarf sperm whales. Many dolphins, sea lions, and swimming with sea lions, osprey, elephant seals. Tide pool creatures. Land animals, snakes, lizards. Giant cacti and Baja landscapes. - 10 hours
    • Cell Structure-Various cell structures, behaviors and types - 2 hours
    • China-All aspects of culture, land forms, life in schools, cities, rural areas. Locations all over the country. - 10 hours
    • Ecosystems-U.S. major ecosystems, land forms and biomes. - 3 hours
    • Fossils-various types - 5 hours
    • German-German speaking Europe. Cities, land forms, culture, schools. - 8 hours
    • Indian Pow Wow -Commanche: Outdoor daytime and nightime footage of traditional indian dancing/drumming. Northern and Southern tribes and dances represented, men's, women's and children's dances. General Pow Wow coverage. - 2 + hours
    • Lower Pacific Coast-sea mammals, birds, landscapes, Baja ecosystems. Some Mexican cultures - 8 hours
    • Pioneers-The American Pioneering experience. Exploring, Mountain Men, covered wagons, gold rush, mining, farming, cattle drivers, the Alamo, Bents' Fort, Daniel Boone. - 18 hours
    • Rock Art -Hueco Tanks, Texas: Pictographs, (cave paintings) masks, religious symbols, animals, etc, - 4000 B.C. to Historic times
      Three Rivers, New Mexico: Petroglyphs,(etched in rock) religous symbols, animals, hunting, largest known site in North America, - est. 1500 years old-
      Lower Pecos River, Texas: Pictographs, Various cave paintings of unknown origin, possibly religous storytelling - Prehistoric - est. 5,000 years old.
      Sego Canyon Utah - Pictographs/Petroglyphs, - Archaic to modern Ute indians represented - est. 1,500 to 500 years old. - 6hours
    • Scenics-Various scenics, aerials, and wildlife footage shot primarily in Colorado on 16, 35mm, as well as some video. - 2-3 hours
    • Southern South America-Cities, Andes, Coastal regions, Patagonia, Tropical rain forests, sub-arctic rain forests. - 10 hours

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