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HOLLYWOOD VS THE MOB: FACT VS FICTION - At the turn of the 20th Century, immigrants began pouring into cities along the East Coast, some of these immigrant Jews, Irish and Italians banded together to develop their own version of the American Dream . . . organized crime. Through newspapers and film, the leaders of organized crime became household names, often lionized in the mold of American heroes. This series reveals the truth behind the myth of the American Mob and its godfathers. 3 DVD set - 610 min. Producer, Writer - 2008

AMERICA'S NATIONAL MONUMENTS: THE HISTORIC SOUTH  Hosted by Jordan Murphy - Explores eleven National Monuments throughout America's historic southland. From the prehistoric ruins of Louisiana, Georgia and Alabama to the center of Colonial Spain and what would become the United States. Examines how the slave trade began in the Caribbean and was brought to the U.S. through the Jamestown colony. Then travels to the battlegrounds where the Civil War began. 160 min on 4 DVD's. Producer, Writer - 2008
Hollywood vs The Mob
Hollywood vs The Mob:
Fact vs Fiction
National Monuments: Historic South
America's National Monuments:
The Historic South
GLACIERS - Glaciers are the most powerful geologic force on the planet. They can dominate an entire continent ... Can reshape a continent's surface features in the blink of a geologic eye ... All the spectacular mountain peaks that inspire us have been shaped by glaciers. Includes interviews with leading glacial experts from around the country. 30 min . Producer, Writer - 2008

GLACIERS & ICE CAPS: THE MELTING - Explores how the change from a solid state to a liquid state makes the Arctic sensitive to climate change and introduces many dangerous positive feedback loops that can drive sudden detrimental climate shifts. Includes interviews with leading glacial experts from around the country. 30 min . Producer, Writer - 2008
Glaciers & Ice Caps: The Melting
Glaciers & Ice Caps: The Melting
CORE METEOROLOGY - ATMOSPHERE - The principles of atmospheric dynamics - the balance of gases and sunlight that allows for the possibility of life. Presents the unique composition, structure and life sustaining Bio/Geo/Chemical cycles in Earth's atmosphere. Also shows how these atmospheric elements are being impacted by the burning of fossil fuels. 30 min . Producer, Writer - 2008

CORE METEOROLOGY - WEATHER - An exploration of the principles behind tornadoes, hurricanes, severe droughts, and other extreme weather phenomena. 30 min . Producer, Writer - 2008

Core Meteorology - Atmosphere
Core Meteorology -Atmosphere
Core Meteorology - Weather
Core Meteorology -Weather
CORE METEOROLOGY - CLIMATE - Presents the relationships between climates and biomes, and climates and people ... And describes the six major climate types. Lastly, it shows how weather extremes play a major role in each climate type. 30 min. Producer, Writer - 2008

CORE CHEMISTRY - Core Chemistry presents how each branch of chemistry - physical chemistry, organic chemistry and biochemistry - evolved from a clear understanding of the principles and laws of chemical interactions. 30 min . Producer, Writer - 2007
Core Meterorology - Climate
Core Meteorology -Climate
Core Chemistry
Core Chemistry
CORE GEOLOGY -The rise and fall of civilizations is propelled by the abundance and scarcity of valued resources. Core Geology presents the the building blocks of geologic science in a logical order, including the meaning of the fossil record. 30 min. Producer, Writer - 2007

CORE ASTRONOMY - Core Astronomy examines the key points in the development of astronomy. From early Greek Astronomy to Hubble, quasars and black holes. 38 min. Producer, Writer - 2007
CORE Geology
Core Geology
CORE Astronomy
Core Astronomy
CORE PHYSICS - CLASSIC PHYSICS - Matter, energy, forces, space and time. In the long history of physics, a series of discoveries and laws laid the foundation for how the universe works. 30 min. Producer, Writer - 2007

CORE PHYSICS - MODERN PHYSICS - Examines the modern discoveries and laws that lay the foundation for how the universe works and our place in it. In chronological order. 30 min. Producer, Writer - 2007
Core Physics - Classical
Core Physics - Classical
Core Physics - Classical
Core Physics - Modern
CORE BIOLOGY - ANIMAL SCIENCES - Human physiology and nutrition, Genetics and animal breeding, and the field of wildlife ecology. Examines the scientific discoveries that provide insight into the nature of animal classification, physiology and behavior. 30 min. Producer, Writer - 2007

CORE BIOLOGY - PLANT SCIENCES - The story of botany leads from the founding of agriculture, medicinal plants and understanding plant physiology and reproduction, to the founding of genetics and understanding the miracle of photosynthesis 30 min. Producer, Writer - 2007
CORE Biology - Animal Sciences
Core Biolory - Animal Sciences
CORE Biology - Plant Sciences
Core Biolory - Plant Sciences
CORE BIOLOGY - MICROBIOLOGY & GENETICS - Microbiology, which includes genetics, is the story of understanding how the cell works. The many cellular processes and the remarkable micro-world presented in stunningly clear micro-videography. 30 min. Producer, Writer - 2007

CORE BIOLOGY - ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE - The web of life, and our dependence on the health of the environment we live in. An examination of this new biological discipline, which includes the study of ecosystems and the blossoming of the environmental system. 30min. Producer, Writer - 2007

CORE Biology - Microbiology
Core Biology - Microbiology
CORE Biology - Environmental Science
Core Biology - Environmental Science
Global Warming: The Rising Storm  Hosted by Bradley Whitford - This 2-disc set examines Global Warming, and looks into the future where other more deadly impacts are predicted to follow. In the first decade of the 21st century, we find ourselves at the precipice of a dangerous, rising storm. Which changes are irreversible, and what can be done to minimize future damage ? 114 min. Producer, Writer - 2007

Life After Oil: The New Energy Alternatives - The challenge for our future is to make use of alternative sources of energy to replace our dependence on fossil fuels. All we need to do is to scale up what already exists in the laboratory. This program explores the six alternative energies that will free us from dependence on foreign oil: Wind Power, Fuel Cells, Hydrogen Fuel, Ethanol, Biomass & Solar Power. 30 min. Producer, Writer - 2007

Global Warming: The Rising Storm
Life After Oil: The New Energy Alternatives
THE HISTORY OF AMERICAN INDIAN ACHIEVEMENT  Hosted by Tyler Christopher - Eight half hour programs on 4 DVD's covering the culture, history and achievement of the American Indian, for Ambrose Video Publishing . Producer, Writer - 2008

THE HISTORY OF WOMEN'S ACHIEVEMENT IN AMERICA  Hosted by Donna Mills - Eight half hour programs explore 400 years of struggle, leadership and achievement , for Ambrose Video Publishing. On 4 DVD's. Producer, Writer - 2006

Indian achievement
American Indian Achievement
Women's achievement
Women in America
THE HISTORY OF HISPANIC ACHIEVEMENT IN AMERICA  Hosted by Patricia Lopez - Eight half hour programs document 500 years of Hispanic achievement, for Ambrose Video Publishing . 4 DVD's. Producer, Writer - 2006

THE HISTORY OF BLACK ACHIEVEMENT IN AMERICA  Hosted by James Avory - Eight half hour programs documents Black Achievement in America, for Ambrose Video Publishing premiering on PBS stations. On 4 DVD's. Producer, Writer - 2005

hispanic achievement
Hispanics in America
Black achievement
Black Achievement
A COMPLETE HISTORY OF U.S. WARS  Hosted by George Kennedy - Eight half hour programs on United States Wars, for Ambrose Video Publishing premiering on PBS stations. On 4 DVD's. Producer, Writer - 2004

THE GREAT INDIAN WARS 1540 - 1890 - Chronicles the 350 year struggle between the white man and the American Indians. The Battle Tippecanoe, the Battle of Horseshoe Bend, all three Seminole Wars and the Battle of Little Big Horn were some of the most important conflicts that led up to the last official massacre, the Battle of Wounded Knee, where the defeat of the Indians was solidified. Five part series. 240 min on 3 DVD's. Producer, Writer - 2005
History of War
History of U.S. War
The Great Indian Wars
The Great Indian Wars
16th And 17th CENTURY TURNING POINTS IN AMERICAN HISTORY - The "Turning Points in U.S. History" series chronicles decisive events in American History. To the south, Spain occupied Florida and the desert southwest; to the north, France took hold along the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River; and England settled along the eastern seaboard of the Atlantic. This 4 part program chronicles the colonial period that would lead to the founding of the United States. 118 min on 2 DVD's. Writer, Director - 2008

18th CENTURY TURNING POINTS IN AMERICAN HISTORY - As the 18th century dawned on the North American continent, four powers, the French, the Spanish, the British and the Native Americans were competing to see who would control this remarkable land. By the end of the century, a fifth power had emerged, and the greatest experiment in self-government the world has ever seen had been born. 198 min on 4 DVD's. Writer, Director - 2003

16th & 17th Century Turning Points
16th & 17th Century Turning Points
18th Century Turning Points
18th Century Turning Points
19th CENTURY TURNING POINTS IN AMERICAN HISTORY - America entered the 19th century as an agricultural nation of 16 states and 5.3 million people. By the end of the century, the nation was an industrial power of 45 states and 76 million people. This series is chaptered into 55 stand-alone segments that highlight significant historical events, scientific milestones and cultural achievements. 184 min on 4 DVD's. Writer, Director - 2002

20th CENTURY TURNING POINTS IN AMERICAN HISTORY - Eight half hour programs provide a clear overview of the people and events that distinguished the 20th century at specific points in time that were significant pivotal points in history 216 min on 4 DVD's. Writer, Director - 2004
19th Century Turning Points
19th Century Turning Points
20th Century Turning Points
20th Century Turning Points
ANCIENT HISTORY: GREEK ACCOMPLISHMENTS  Hosted by Globe Trekker's Zay Harding. - Explores how Greek thinkers laid the foundation for architecture, painting, sculpture, history, philosophy, medicine, literature, zoology, botany, mathematics, astronomy, theater, and finally, the western scientific methodology. It is a history of a series of brilliant Greek thinkers from Homer to Ptolemy. 30 min. Writer, Director - 2007

ANCIENT HISTORY: THE GREEK CITY-STATE & DEMOCRACY  Hosted by Globe Trekker's Zay Harding. -The ancient Greeks gave to the world something much more valuable than their architectural wonders ... The ideas of democracy, liberty, freedom of speech and the pursuit of truth. The history of how a group of people invented self-rule based on citizenship, at a time when they were surrounded by tyrants and despots. 30 min. Writer, Director - 2007
Ancient History - Greek Accomplishments
AH - Greek Accomplishments
Ancient History - Greek City-States
AH - Greek City-States
ANCIENT HISTORY: ANCIENT BRITAIN-STONEHENGE TO CELTIC IRON AGE FORTS   Hosted by Globe Trekker's Zay Harding. - Follows the 7000 year evolution of Ancient Britain's people - from the earliest Stone Age clans, to the builders of Stonehenge, to the formation of Bronze Age tribes and the founding of Iron Age Hill forts, all leading to the castle building kings and queens that we recognize today. 30 min. Writer, Director - 2007

ANCIENT HISTORY: ROME REEXAMINED   Hosted by Globe Trekker's Zay Harding. - Presents a new perspective to growth and development in Ancient Rome. The birth and decline of the Republic and the incredible developments in architecture, empire building and culture. In 4 parts: The Rise of the Roman Republic - Military Triumphs and the Death of the Roman Republic - The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire - The Splendor of Imperial Rome. High Definition. 120 min on 4 DVD's. Writer, Director - 2008
Ancient History - Ancient Britian
AH - Ancient Britian
Ancient History - Rome Reexamined
AH - Rome Reexamined
ANCIENT HISTORY: THE MAYA   Hosted by Globe Trekker's Zay Harding. - Best known for their spectacular architecture the maya are also the most misunderstood of the great ancient civilizations. Not the blood thirsty warrior society as they often portrayed, they were the world's first environmental farmers, creating a thriving agricultural society on poor land through advanced farming techniques and a profound sensitivity to their environment. 30 min. Writer, Director - 2008

ANCIENT HISTORY: THE INCAS   Hosted by Globe Trekker's Zay Harding. - In less than a century, the Inca people, of present day Peru, forged an empire equal to that of the Greeks and Romans. Today Machu Picchu stands as a glorious reminder of this once incredible empire. 30 min. Writer, Director - 2007

Ancient History - The Maya
AH - The Maya
Ancient History - The inca
AH - The Inca
ANCIENT HISTORY: AMERICA'S PREHISTORIC CIVILIZATIONS; THE MOUND BUILDERS   Hosted by Globe Trekker's Zay Harding. - Had they been made of stone, the pyramids and effigy earthen works of the Mound Building Cultures would be among the greatest wonders of the ancient world. The story of the 3000 year Native American tradition that culminated with the construction of cities rivaling any on the planet when Columbus landed in the New World. 30 min. Writer, Director - 2007

ANCIENT HISTORY: ANCIENT PUEBLO PEOPLE: THE ANASAZI   Hosted by Globe Trekker's Zay Harding. - An exploration of one of the great mysteries of ancient history. How the ancient Pueblo people of the American West, built a leisure society capable of not only building incredible cities, but also producing some of the greatest pottery, rock art and trading networks the world has ever seen. 30 min. Writer, Director - 2007
Ancient History - The Mound Builders
AH - The Mound Builders
Ancient History - The Anasazi
AH - The Anasazi
THE SUPREME COURT - From the contents of the nation's daily newspapers to what we can do in the privacy of our own homes, the Supreme Court has helped author the history of America. Profiles the inner workings of the court and explores the dramatic stories of the people whose cases have come before the court, as well as the often controversial rulings that impact all Americans. 240 min on 4 DVD's. Writer, Director - 2007

GREAT AMERICAN AUTHORS: SINCE 1650  Hosted by Jane Kaczmarek - Presents the rich, literary tradition of American storytelling. Beginning with the first colonists in the 17th century to a small cadre of brilliant, 19th century, New England writers who defined the American experience, to the whole country speaking out in the 20th Century against war, poverty, racism and alienation. 8 programs on 4 DVD's - 240 min. Writer, Director - 2007
The Supreme Court
The Supreme Court
Great American Authors
Great American Authors
SEARCHING FOR HAIZMANN - A full length feature film in the thriller genre. Co-Writer, Co-Producer - 2002-3. Currently distributed on DVD by BCI Eclipse.

DINOSAUR: EGGS AND BABIES - A 60 minute documentary covering the life cycle of various dinosaurs, include animation and interviews with specialists. Currently in home distribution with Janson Media. Writer, Producer - 2002

Searching For Haizmann

Dinosaur Eggs & Babies
HOW SCIENTISTS WORK SERIES - A three part series for Junior High students on basic scientific principles including experiments and historical information. Writer, Producer - 2002. Currently distributed by Discovery/United Learning.

'TIL DEATH DO US PART - A full length feature film about a couple who in a last ditch effort, go for a day hike in the mountains to reconnect and rediscover what brought them together. At first their efforts work, but when a deadly stalker starts playing games with them they begin to turn on each other. Currently distributed on DVD by BCI Eclipse. Co-Writer, Co-Producer, Co-Director - 2000

GEOGRAPHY PRINCIPLES SERIES - Eight 20-minute programs describing different aspects of Geography including basic concepts, climate & weather, physical features, and globes and maps. Intended for Junior High School students with Clearvue/EAV. Producer, Writer - 1999-2000.

MAPPING THE U.S. GEOGRAPHY & HISTORY - Two 30-minute programs in a series. One explains basic map skills, while the other explores the upper Great Lake States. Intended for Junior High School students. Currently distributed by Discovery/United Learning. Writer, Producer -1999.

CLOUDS, WEATHER, & LIFE - A cheerful overview of basic types of clouds and the hydrologic cycle. Intended for young audiences (K - 6th grade). Currently distributed by Discovery/United Learning. Writer, Producer - 1999.

THE DOG ATE MY HOMEWORK - The pilot for a proposed, comedic TV series involving the adventures of a boy with an overactive imagination, and narrated by his dog, Sylvester. This first, fun-filled show about Stevie, who finally learns his lesson about making up excuses for why his homework isnšt completed, is geared to ages 6 - 11. Distributed by Questar. Producer - 1999.

BEST FRIENDS - A theatrical short exploring child abuse through the eyes of two 11-year-olds who meet for an hour and become best friends, and then never see each other again. Producer - 1999.

SOUTH & CENTRAL AMERICA - A Two-part program on the physical and human geography of the area emphasizing the tropical rain forest, coastal waters, major land forms, and the history of its people. For ages K - 12. Currently distributed by Discovery/United Learning. Producer, Writer - 1998.

NATIVE AMERICAN ROCK ART OF THE SOUTHWEST - A presentation narrated by Graham Greene with original music by David Arkenstone. This program displays a wealth of artistic treasures on rock formations throughout the Southwestern United States. Currently distributed by Discovery/United Learning. Producer, Director, Writer - 1998.

EL NIÑO AND THE LINK BETWEEN OCEANS, ATMOSPHERE, & WEATHER - A show designed to help explain the far-reaching effects of the oceanic warming phenomenon called, El Niño. Distributed by Clearvue/EAV. Producer, Director, Writer - 1997.

INDIANS OF TEXAS - A three part series consisting of the history of Texas Native Americans. The series discusses the earliest Americans, the Paleoindians, the indians of the plains who used their horses to conquer and control the southern plains for 300 years, and the agricultural indians, of the past and present, living in the southern region of the United States. Distributed by Clearvue/EAV. Producer, Director, Writer - 1997.

ECONOMICS: A FRAMEWORK FOR TEACHING THE BASIC CONCEPTS - A three part, closed captioned, series including fundamental economic concepts, microeconomic concepts, and macroeconomic concepts. Currently distributed by Discovery/United Learning. Producer, Director, Writer - 1997.

THE AMERICAN PIONEERING EXPERIENCE - A five part series. Includes the following titles: Daniel Boone and the First American Pioneers; Gold Seekers and Mountain Men; Covered Wagons and the Western Expansion; Ohio Boatmen and the Pioneering Farmers; Old Texas and the Trail Drivers. Through these shows, students learn about the pioneering experience that has been at the core of the American world view since the founding days of the country; an experience in which responsibility fell, not on the government or society, but upon the shoulders of individuals and communities. This definition of freedom, whatever its reality, is still the dream for many of Americašs citizens today. Distributed by Clearvue/EAV. Producer, Director, Writer - 1996.

ECONOMICS: THE PRODUCTION, DISTRIBUTION, AND CONSUMPTION OF GOODS AND SERVICES - A five part series. Economics is the science of how people use resources to satisfy their wants and needs. Through five stand-alone programs, this series introduces the student to the basic concepts of economics. Understanding economic concepts and principles has become increasingly important in preparing the student for negotiating the ever faster changing world of jobs, business and life decisions. The series lays a strong foundation for making wise choices in our increasingly economics driven future. Currently distributed by Discovery/United Learning. Producer, Director, Writer - 1996.

WHERE WE LIVE, WORK AND PLAY - A three part series. For many primary children, the only environment they are familiar with is their immediate neighborhood. Linking neighborhoods, businesses, and public places broadens their boundaries. They are encouraged to see how each theme is interdependent on the other. The series also lays the foundation for later economic study. Currently distributed by Discovery/United Learning. Producer, Director, Writer - 1996.

VIOLENCE: DEALING WITH ANGER IN THE FORMATIVE YEARS - Violence is a learned behavior, and this video teaches children alternative skills to use before violent reactions become habitual. Educator, martial artist and conflict resolution expert Thomas Crum uses his easy to remember B.L.T. - Breathe, Learn and Talk - methods and examples of people like Michael Jordan to show that true power springs from being centered and calm. Real-life situations are dramatized in "before" and "after" scenes to show students how to be powerful without resorting to violence. Currently distributed by Discovery/United Learning. Producer, Director - 1995.

'Til Death Do Us Part
A NORMAN ROCKWELL CHRISTMAS STORY - An hour long video in which the classic Norman Rockwell painting "Skating With Grandfather" comes to life. Michael Grant, whose father is missing in action in Korea, meets the rich and lonely Samuel Cavanaugh while they both are skating on the frozen swimming hole. The young boy and the old man have a great deal to teach and give one another and together they learn what Christmas can really be. Premiered on Hallmark Channel. Producer, Assistant Director - 1995.

LEGEND OF THE SPIRIT DOG - A feature length movie co-production with the Discovery Channel about an eleven year old, Jed McCormick, who lives with his mother in the wild out-back of Alaska. The local Fish and Wildlife Ranger brings in a hurt wild and beautiful wolf-dog and Jed's life begins to change. Jed's enemy is the ravenmaster, a dark wizard who hunts wolves from a helicopter and dumps toxic waste in an abandoned mine in the Eskimo's sacred hills. After capturing Spirit he vows to destroy Jed and use Spirit's powers for his own evil ends. Deep in the mine, Jed, armed with a sacred drum and a powerful and mystical Spirit-catcher, finally faces the raven master. Distributed by Lions Gate. Producer, Co-writer - 1994.

A Norman Rockwell
Christmas Story

The Legend of Spirit Dog
PEPPER AND ALL THE LEGS - A 23 minute live-action adaptation of Dick Gackenbach's story (Seabury, 1978). Reflecting on the short-legged dog's world, the camera never reveals the torsos or faces belonging to the human feet that disappear up the stairs every night. This is a story of a black-and-tan dachshund's amusing escapades. Producer - 1992.

JOURNEY TO STEINBECK'S BAJA - A PBS special. Eighteen modern-day adventurers arrive in San Diego and board the Searcher to retrace the route that Steinbeck and Ricketts traveled. Loosely based on Steinbeck's book, The Log from the Sea of Cortez and augmented by quotation from the book, this program documents the journey of the Searcher as it retraces the Western Flier's route. Producer, Writer - 1992.

ROCKY MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK - A 55 minute travelogue about the high adventure in Colorado's mountain country. Looks at unusual plants and animals, the changing seasons, mountain climbing, the Continental Divide, and many other aspects of the "Land of Many Peaks." Producer, Writer - 1990.

MORE THAN ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE: THE WINDSTAR EXPERIMENT - A 46 minute co-production with The Discovery Channel about the Aspen, Colorado based Windstar Foundation, a new age organization co-founded by John Denver and Aikido expert Tom Crum. The program takes a look inside this citizens group and explores the actions they are taking to secure an environmentally sound and peaceful future. Narrated by Dennis Weaver with original music by Peter Kater. Producer, Writer - 1989.

SHAKE RAGE ALLEY - 1/2 hour pilot of soap opera. Director, editor, 1983.

Also, numerous commercial/industrial films, and documentaries from 1972 - 1982.
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